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A Phrasal Verb (Wikipedia) is a multi-word verb that has a different meaning from the original verb or root verb. For example, the verb ‘get’ as a root verb has dozens of phrasal verb variations: ‘get up’, ‘get over’, ‘get around’, ‘get around to’ and ‘get into’ are just a few examples.

Some phrasal verbs must be used together and others can be separated in a sentence. The rules vary according to the verb, which can make things confusing.

There are thousands of phrasal verbs in the English language and they are used quite frequently. Not knowing or not using phrasal verbs correctly can make communication difficult for English language learners.

in keeping with December..."snowed under"

To snow under

Definition: to have too much work

How to use it: this verb is inseparable.  It is usually used in the past tense.


I am completely snowed under at work these days--I'll never finish it all before the holidays!

When Sally insisted that he head up the search committee he refused, as he was already snowed under with other commitments.


beginning our December phrasal verbs..."kick off"

to kick off

Definition: to start something, to begin something in a certain way

How to use it: this verb is separable


He kicked the party off with some festive music.


We agreed that it was best to kick off the fundraiser as soon as possible.


"Put up with"

To put up with

Definition: to tolerate

How to use it: this verb is inseparable


I don't know how you put up with all the noise from your upstairs neighbors!


He put up with the mess because his roommate was a great cook.


"Boil over"

To boil over

Definition: to overflow the sides of a pot while cooking

How to use it: this verb is inseparable


Be sure not to put too much water in the pot or it will boil over.

The spaghetti sauce boiled over and I had to clean the whole stove!


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