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English Language Learning Resources

  • Dave's ESL cafe, stuff for students
    Wonderful site for all things ESL. The "Stuff for Students" page includes a help center, grammar quizzes, lists of common idioms and slang and a discussion forum.
  • BBC Learning English
    Extremely resourceful page with excellent exercises for listening practice, including a news section, business English section, and "English as it's used today."
    Most audio segments feature a British accent, but the pronunciation section has an exercise on contrasting vowels that is useful for both American and British pronunciation.
  • National Public Radio
    Great for listening practice. Includes a 24 hour news stream and audio segments of the day's news.
  • Public Radio International
    Same as above, but with more international coverage. You can preview the story by reading the summary prior to practicing your listening skills with the audio segment. Includes a wide variety of topics for all interests.
  • Rachel's English (pronunciation instruction)
    Rachel's web site is impressive! She is an extremely knowledgeable pronunciation expert who produces excellent videos on the sounds and features of U.S. English.
  • Phrasal Verb Demon
    The best site on the web for advice on tackling those pesky phrasal verbs. The 'corpus' section is particularly helpful for examples of the verbs in context. This site show you both the meaning of phrasal verbs and HOW they are used.
  • English Central
    Extremely sophisitcated technology for practicing listening and spoken English and testing your pronunciation accuracy. Some features are free and others charge a subscription service.

Washington, D.C. Local Businesses

For newcomers to Washington, D.C., The English Teacher Collective recommends these independent and locally owned businesses:

Where to get good coffee in Washington, D.C.

Pet services

Book stores

  • Tempo Book Store, Friendship Heights, D.C.
    English and foreign language bookstore located on Wisconsin Avenue in DC. Best selection of English language textbooks in the city. They sell foreign language/English dictionaries as well.


  • Rodman's Discount Gourmet, Friendship Heights, D.C.
    The first floor offers imported foods from around the world and the basement is a pharmacy and home goods store.
  • Trader Joe's
    Trader Joe's is a speciality grocery store offering high quality food (no preservatives or chemicals) at discount prices. Trader Joe's is not locally owned by we love it so much that we are including it here.
  • Evensong Farm
    Our friend Julie runs a beautiful, sustainable, and organic farm in Sharpsburg, Maryland and sells her meat, vegetables, and homemade lemonade at markets around DC. You can find her on Thursdays at the Penn Quarter farmer's market in downtown DC.
  • Washington's Green Grocer
    Organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and eggs delivered to your door at very reasonable prices.

Food and drink

  • Pete's New Haven Style Apizza
    Did you know that New Haven, Connecticut, has its own style of pizza? Pete's has brought New Haven pizza to D.C. They source their ingredients from local farms and the pizza is absolutely delicious.
  • Dos Gringos Cafe, Mount Pleasant, D.C.
    Fresh sandwiches and daily specials. They host an Intercambios conversation exchange on Saturday evenings for people who wish to practice Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, or French.

Music lessons

  • B&B Music lessons offers in-home private music lessons in Washington, Maryland and Virginia and only hires enthusiastic, qualified teachers. The owners are experienced musicians and teachers with a business model similar to ours. We've taken lessons from them, too!


Just for fun 

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