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Customized English courses for intermediate to advanced learners

The English Teacher Collective provides creative and effective English language instruction for intermediate to advanced learners whose specific goals are not met by other programs. We identify and solve your challenges so you can communicate with confidence in English environments.

We do this through our private tutorials and specialized group programs in Washington, DC and online.

Private English tutoring:
We start with a free one hour consultation where we talk more in person about your previous experience with English, your current situation, goals, and a potential meeting schedule. We also use that conversation to assess your spoken English, pronunciation, and listening skills. If needed, we conduct a brief grammar pretest and ask for writing samples. Then we create a customized approach and a schedule that works for you to help you meet your goals as efficiently as possible.

If you are in Washington, DC, the English tutor will travel to your home, office, university campus or favorite coffee shop to meet for your lessons. If you are not in Washington, DC, we can arrange an online tutorial course at a convenient time for you.

Group classes:
We offer specialized group classes and workshops both in Washington and online. Our group classes are developed to target the unique needs of intermediate to advanced learners and based on our clients’ most common requests. We can also design a customized course for your group.

English Getaway retreats:
Coming in fall 2018, our English language retreats are an immersive experience designed to boost your English fluency and confidence. Do you need to speak better right now but don’t have any chances to practice with native speakers? This is the program for you. Stay tuned.

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals who always put your needs first.

Our customized instruction can target:

  • Conversational fluency and vocabulary development
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Pronunciation
  • Mastering presentations in English
  • Writing skills
  • Grammar review
  • Listening skills (including interpreting U.S. English dialects)
  • English for work and career
  • Coaching for special projects

Our clients include:

  • NGO employees
  • International lawyers
  • Employees of global development organizations
  • Economists
  • Embassy/diplomatic professionals and families
  • Ambassadors
  • Journalists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Graduate and doctoral students
  • Families, couples and individuals vacationing in Washington, DC
  • Spouses of people working or studying in Washington, D.C.

Tips for English learners

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March 6, 2017

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